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July 31, 2011
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Memory by A6A7 Memory by A6A7
Soooo... Here's something quick that came to me after one of Dark Heresy sessions.
I made it look like old photo to hide the messy sketchy drawing ;]

Imperial Commissar Jastillus Quintus Nihillus and his little daughter, Flavia. Some 30 years before our recent campaign timeline.
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 Awesome... Absolutely awesome....
Ave Imperator.

This, I believe, is one of your classics. A story of family and of duty, of tragedy and history, drawn in one picture. 

Keep up the good work.
That reminds me of a shot from Valkyrie.  Have you seen the movie?  I'm not accusing you of intellectual property theft btw... I think the film and shots of kids playing war and wearing their parents military gear is something you see across our culture, and it seems to hit a strong mark every time.

Great picture.  I love it. 
Oh, that's sweet. Nicely done image as well.
TheCheekyGeek Jul 6, 2013  Student Filmographer
I love a picture with an implied story :).
I like how the hardest and most cruel of Imperial servants have their own soft-spots here and there. Commissar shooting people for insubordination day by day just to come back home and cheer his lil' girl. Makes you really feel how corrupted and bitter this awesome universe is. Thanks a lot! Great Art!
Shunkarion Jun 2, 2013  Professional General Artist
None of the WH40k sourcebooks I read deal with the subject of family in the imperial society... Only noble dynasties get a few mentions here and there...
It'd be a really interesting topic for exploration, considering how totalitarian regimes often put great importance on traditional patriarchal values.
The Black Library has been getting somewhat better at looking beyond the endless battlefields. One of the books recently put out (Titanicus, by Dan Abnett) took place on a Forge World, of all places. Granted, yes, the world is under attack, and as such there's a lot taking place on the battlefield. But there's also dealings between Mechanicus civilians, an Imperial man and his wife and their struggles when she gets sent to the front, and (my personal favourite) a running story following a toy maker manufacturing and selling toy titans during this whole debacle.

Hell, the Mechanicus even tell jokes. I didn't even know they had something like a sense of humour.
Makes me rethink my hatred for the emperor... but then Tzeentch bitch slaps me back to reality.

"First, the Grey Knights shall fall... "

-Me, Myself and I.

AKA Me and my Paired Daemon Force Talons. (Do you really want to know?)

But seriously enough gamer mode

Amazing pic, it takes talent to make something like this.
thepoweroflogic May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's easy to make violence in warhammer, but to make an image that illustrates humanity? Almost unheard of, you found a way to make me sympathize with a guardsmen-a comissar no less! A man who's job is to execute cowards and turn cloaks. Amazing work once again.
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